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Here is a typical case scenario:

A volunteer will prepare for the guest by putting his or her clippers, nail file, and other implements into a sterile solution, prepare a warm foot bath in a rubber container, and put on his or her sterile disposable latex gloves.

  • A guest will sit in a chair and soak his feet in a special foot bath for a few minutes. 
  • A volunteer will trim the toenails with large, sterilized clippers, and inspect the feet.
  • Upon completion of the trimming, etc., the guest will take a shower, shave, groom himself, and put on a fresh set of clothing from the Clothes Closet. 
  • The guest returns to the volunteer and has ointment applied to his feet.
  • The guest receives a new pair of socks and is encouraged to keep his feet as dry as possible.
  • The guest is encouraged to return the following week if his feet are in need of more care.

There are other volunteer opportunities that don't involve directly working on our guests' feet.  Caring for feet is not for everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't help out in other ways.

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