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Are you fed up with the current tax system?  I am.  I won't get into arguments about the 16th Amendment, Pres. Roosevelt (among others), and all of the typical anti-income tax topics. 
All I ask is that you take a look at this site and decide FOR YOURSELF.  This may appear to be nonsense to you, or it just might make you think a little bit more about how we are currently taxed.
By the way, for those of you who get excited about your BIG REFUND check . . . let me offer you a big THANK YOU from the federal government for letting them earn interest off of YOUR money for the last several months, instead of you earning that interest.  REMEMBER . . . IT'S YOUR MONEY, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS MONEY, THAT YOU HEAR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TALK ABOUT SPENDING EACH WEEK.  THEY DON'T EARN MONEY, THEY DECIDE HOW TO SPEND IT.  Enough of my subjective opinions, view the site and decide for yourself.  Please email me if you have a solution that would function even better than this one.  I'm wide open to ideas that might work.